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Orquesta Metafisica was created in Buenos Aires in 2009. Its name is a tribute to the Argentinian thinker of the early XXth century Macedonio Fernandez, known for his metaphysical writing and for his investigations about the reality.


Not fitting into any defined category, Orquesta Metafisica has drawn inspiration from innovators of rock, jazz, tango and contemporary avant-garde music to develop its own way of transmitting the mystery of life. 

The compositions reflect an unusual versatile background of the composer Sebastian Volco, who studied classical and popular music, composed for contemporary ballet and art exhibitions, pursued a career on the Argentinian rock stage and, later, on the the stage of contemporary tango. The band's current personal sound was honed with arrival of Sebastian Rosenfeldt, an expert in ambient music and electronic tango, as the band's producer and bass player. ORQUESTA METAFISICA blends  profoundness and mysticism with energy of rock and jazz.

In 2010s, orquesta metafísica quickly

became a cult band in Buenos Aires among lovers of

strong musical and theatrical sensations. La Catedral,

a world-renowned alternative milonga, welcomed

the band every week for experimental music shows

with participation of filmmakers, acrobats, actors and


After a tour in United States, the band moved to

Europe in 2013 where it continued working on its

bold multidisciplinary projects. One of those is this

new album, recorded in Paris, Buenos Aires and

Barcelona and mastered in the United Kingdom.

Selected press

“A show worth both hearing and seeing. The “mad pianist” extraverted conduct of Volco and contrapuntal interactions among the musicians make this concert totally different from anything that can be found in Buenos Aires today.”
Ambito financiero – “Orquesta Metafísica Con notable talento terrenal”

“Daring and free, they cannot be labeled with any name.”
Página 12 – “Ambisioso en el buen sentido”

"Between the madness of free jazz, the avant-garde paranoia of King Crimson, urban perfumes of tango and the spice of classical music."
La nación revista - "El riesgo como eje de la obra"

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